Day of Ashoura (ظهر عاشورا) Program

Day of Ashoura (ظهر عاشورا) Program

Peace be on Husayn, and on Ali the son of Husayn, and on the children of Husayn, and on the friends of Husayn

Date/Time: Tuesday, Sept 10, 2019 at 10:30 AM
Location: Omid Center, 320 Boston Post Road, Weston, MA


10:30-10:35  Quran Recitation
10:35-11:00  Ziarat Nahieh
11:00-11:30  Lecture by Dr. Asadi-Kia (in Farsi)
عنوان: مسلمین، قیام امام حسین (ع)، وحق و باطل.

Title: “Muslims, Imam Husayn’s Stand, has Truth and Falsehood. ”
11:30-11:50   Maghtal Reading by Dr. Ghaemi
11:50-12:20   Azadari
12:20-12:40   Ziarat Ashoura
12:40-1:00     Prayer
1:00-1:05       Dua
1:05-1:45       Lunch
1:45-3:00       Clean up

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Program September 10 day, 2019

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