Friends of Omid Center Salaamon Alaikum,

As we are planning for the Omid Center’s program in 2021, we would like to remind all the friends that you can donate money to support Omid Center and its programs in 2021 using Cheque, Bank Transfer, or cash:

  1. Please write your Cheques to St Peter’s Episcopal Church and mail it to:
    Mohamad Neilforoshan
    28 Willow Road, Wellesley, MA 02482
    Please write Omid in the reference of your cheques.
  2. Transfer through Bank of America system using email:
    Please write Omid n the reference of your transfer transaction.
  3. You can submit your cash in an envelope with your name and email on it so that we can issue a receipt through email from
  4. If you would like to donate food please send an email to at least one week ahead of time and let us know the following information:
    • The date you would like to bring the food
    • The type of food you intend to bring.
    • The number of people you intend to feed.

Please make sure that supplier uses Zabiha Halal items for preparation of the food.

Thank you
Omid Center