Omid Islamic Center of Greater Boston Presents:
Muharram Programs: August 10-19, 2021

  1. English Programs:

August 10 Through August 18:Daily 6:30-7:55 PM EDT

Thursdays August 12 & August 19 (Evening of Ashoura):

                      will start at 6:00 PM with Dua Komail

Day of Ashoura English Program: August 19: 10:00 AM -12:00 Noon EDT

    The Details of the Day of Ashoura Program will be announced later.


Format of Daily English Programs:

6:30-6:35 Quran Recitation

on Thursdays August 12& August 19: 6:00-6:30 Dua Komail

6:35-7:20  Lecture

7:20-7:30   Question and Answer

7:30-7:40   Mourning Rituals by Brother Mahdi Falahati

7:40-7:55   Ziarat Amin Allah and Dua by Brother Mahdi Falahati

  1. Farsi Programs: August 10-August 18: 9-10:30 PM EDT

Nightly 9:00-10:30 PM  EDT

Day of Ashoura Farsi Program: August 19: 1:30-3:30 PM EDT

The Details of the Day of Ashoura Programs will be announced later.


Format of Daily Farsi Programs:

9:00-9:05 Quran Recitation

9:05-9:10  Poem/Nashid (Marsieh)

9:10-9:55  Lecture

9:55-10:05 Question and Answer

10:05-10:15  Ziarat Ashoura by Brother Gandomi

10:15-10:30  Azadari and Dua by Brother Gandomi

 Brother Gandomi is a Khadem and Maddah at the Imam Reza’s Shrine

Zoom Link to the programs:
Meeting ID: 316 797 733 One tap mobile +19294362866 Password: 351023

The event is finished.


Aug 10 - 19 2021

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