Special Programs for Arbaeen: Thursday to Sunday: September 23-26 @ 8 PM EDT


Special Programs Dedicated to Arbaeen

  1. Thursday, September 23, 2021 @ 8:00 PM EDT

Dua Komail and Lecture Dedicated to Arabeen            
Speaker: Dr. Mohammad Sobhanie   (in English)
Title: Significance of the Arbae’en in the Uprising of Ashura
Mourning Rituals and Ziarat: Br. Mahdi Falahati
  1. Saturday,September 25, 2021 @8:00 PM EDT

Special Topical Tafsir Dedicated to Arbaeen                   
Speaker: H.I. Hasan Doagoo                 (in Farsi)
عنوان: ولا تقولوا لمن يُقتل في سبيل الله أمواتٌ: گفتاری تفسیری در مفهوم شهادت از نگاه قرآن کریم        
مداحی: کاری گروهی از مداحان و خادمان بارگاه امام رضا (ع) از مشهد مقدس                                         
  1. Sunday, September 26, 2021  @8:00 PM EDT

Special English Program for Arbaeen                               
Speaker: Dr. Sadik Kassim                     (in English)
Title: “Arbaeen and the Remembrance of Death in the Islamic Tradition.”
Mourning Rituals and Ziarat: Br. Mahdi Falahati

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Arbaeen Program 2021

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Sep 23 - 26 2021

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