Upcoming Programs April 20-24

  1. Wednesday, April 20 @ Maghrib (in Person Lecture in English)
    Night of Qadr Program (Night of 19th) at 130 Newton St., Weston, MA

  2. Thursday, April 21 @ at 6 PM EDT (
    Virtual; in English)
    Weekly English Lecture and Dua Komail

  3. Friday, April 22 @ 6 PM EDT ( in Person; in English)
    Weekly Quran Circle at MIT’s Room 156 Building 66

  4. Friday, April 22 @ Maghrib (
    in Person; English Lecture)
    Night of Qadr Program (Night of 21st) at 130 Newton St. Weston, MA

  5. Sunday, April 24 @ 6 PM EDT (Virtual in Farsi)
    Last Session of Special Ramadan Lecture Series on Sundays

  6. Sunday, April 24 @ Maghrib (in person Farsi Lecture with English Translation)
    Night of Qadr Program (Night of 23rd) at 130 Newton St. Weston, MA

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Upcoming Programs April 20-24

The event is finished.


Apr 20 - 24 2022

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