Upcoming Sessions of Quran Circle in September 2021:

About the Quran Circle:

Quran Circle is a Biweekly English program covering exegesis (“tafsir”) of Quran and special research topics related to the Quran. We welcome scholarly research work related to the Quran. If you would like an opportunity to present your work please contact Quran.Circle@yahoo.com.

Quran Circle is open to the public.

  1. Friday,September 10 @8 PM EDT

    Speaker: Dr. Aria Razfar Quran Recitation
    About the speaker:
    Professor of Education and Linguistics at the University of Illinois.

    Topic: “The Return of the Souls: “رجعه” According to Quran, Narrations from Ahl ul Bayt, and Modern Science.”
    Abstract: In this talk we discuss the centrality of “Raja” toward understanding the establishment of the divine just state. We will discuss ‘Raja’ in light of comparable ideas such as reincarnation and the reality of the soul. We will draw on verses from the Holy Quran, narrations from the holy household, other divinely inspired texts, as well as modern scientific evidence.

  2. Friday, September 24 @ 8 PM EDT
    Speaker: Sister Sara Mokh
    About the Speaker:
    Sister Sara Mokh is a PhD candidate in MEIS at NYU.Topic: Topic: Exegesis (Tafsir) of Verses 53-74 of Chapter 9( Al-Tawbah)


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Upcoming Sessions of Quran Circle

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Sep 10 2021

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