Birth Celebration of Fatima Al-Zahra (PBUH)

Commemoration of Women’s Day and Mother’s Day

Saturday, February 23, 2019 at 6:30 PM


    1. 6:30-6:45 Isha Prayer
    2. 6:45-7:00 Quran Recitation
    3. 7:00-7:15 Nasheed and Story of Birth of Hazrat Fatima (SA)
    4. 7:15-7:20 Poem
    5. 7:20-8:20 Lecture by Dr. Sayyeda Zahra Moballegh (in Farsi)
      عنوان: جایگاه زن در قرآن
      About the Speaker:
      Dr. Sayyada Zahra Moballegh is an Assistant Professor at the Institute for Humanities and Cultural
      Studies in Iran and holds a visiting appointment at the University of Tehran, Department of
      Philosophy. Her 2018-19 WSRP research project, “Woman in the Qur’an,” is an analytic study of
      about 25 stories in the Qur’an in which one or more women have a role. She is currently a research
      associate at Harvard University.
    6. 8:20-8:25 Poem/Nasheed
    7. 8:25-8:40 Question and Answer
    8. 8:40-8:45 Poem/Nasheed
    9. 8:45-9:15 Commemoration of the Women’s and Mother’s Day
    10. 9:15-9:20 Ziarat Hazrat Zahra and Dua
    11. 9:20-9:50 Potluck Dinner and Potluck Dessert
    12. 9:50-10:00 Cleaning of the Center

The event is finished.


Feb 23 2019



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