Weekly Dua Komail Program

Thursday, March 12, 2020 at 7:00 PM.


7:00-7:15 Quran Recitation
7:15-7:35 Prayer
7:35-7:40 Dhikr
7:40-8:10 Recitation of Dua Komail
8:10-8:15 Preparation for the Lecture
8:15-8:45 Lecture
Speaker: Hojjat al-Islam Haydar Shirazi
Observances of the Glorious months of Rajab&Shaban
About the Speaker:
Hojjat al-Islam Haydar Shirazi serves as resident scholar at the Abraar Islamic Center in Vancouver, Canada. Prior to that he was at Islamic Center of England in London. He completed 14 years of studies at the Qum Seminary and has contributed 1000 + video on various topics. He has been an invited speaker to a wide range of countries for Islamic lectures.

8:45-8:55 Question and Answer
8:55-9:05 Ziarat Warith
9:05-10:00 Dinner

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Program March 12, 2020

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